Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sex scandals in the notes Nabila Ebeid sex scandals in the memoirs of Nabila Ebeid

Egyptian actress Nabila confirmed it will unveil Obaid in her memoirs that you type are currently many surprises concerning the rumors revolved around in the forefront of her marriage at the start of her career of late film director Atef Salem and the late director Ashraf Fahmi, saying she did not marry any of them in one day
She explained Nabila Ebeid, she was married three times, without revealing the second party in such marriages, but she acknowledged her relationship with Ashraf Fahmy, but did not marry 

him because he was very jealous as well that he was married to her friend refused his marriage, also said it also recorded the story of her life now own so as not to be written by one and in matters of fact is not satisfied with it.
On the other hand was nominated playwright and director Sanaa intercessor Nabila Ebeid Championship play 'Virginia Woolf', which was to be presented in more than two years, but have not been implemented so far to the high costs of production, but Riyad Kholi - Head of Art House Theatre - and agreed to put the play inPlan of the State Theater in the coming period Sex scandals in the notes Nabila Ebeid